Cost friendly prime backlot,
desert motion picture location, 
extraordinary background scenery
use as is or
build your own set.




Located only 64-miles from Hollywood, the short 55min drive to the Lake Los Angeles area will provide you with a beautiful 10-acre affordable movie ranch.


LightRow Ranch is designed for those indie filmmakers that always are tied with the high production's budget. Now, you can get the most out of a shoot day in this beautiful setting which is ideal for the following themes:



     Old Historic 

     War Zone


     Country / Western 


Ample parking at the LightRow Ranch, just-off-the-14 freeway in Palmdale, allows large crews with trailers and vans access to the Ranch without traffic or parking constraints. 


The desert location allows crews to shoot long hours without concerns about disturbing neighbors.


Your production crew can build sets as needed, or use the untouched terrain for your shoot.


We welcome you to our ranch and look forward to seeing what you will create to realize your vision and make your shoot become reality.




Year Established


Acres Desert Backlot


Miles from Hollywood


Hour drive
from Hollywood







Where is this location?

LightRow Ranch - Backlot is located 1hour from Hollywood in Lake Los Angeles and 15 minutes East of Palmdale, California. 


How big is the location?

10 acres.


Do you require insurance?

Yes, we require a standard $1,000,000 Liability Insurance for the length of your shoot with us listed as
LightRow Ranch
P.O.Box 15942.
Beverly Hills, CA 90209

What is the power/electrical situation?

Currently, there is no power on site. You will need to bring your own generator or power supply.


Is there any equipment included in the rental price?

No. Equipment is available a la carte from LightRow Ranch. 


Can I build a set?

Yes, please submit drawings for our review first. Please contact us by email or call 424-254-9559 


Do you need a 4 Wheel drive vehicle to get to the location?

No. Paved roads up until ½ mile to location, then it is a flat dirt road that is fully accessible by car or truck

The Location Manager will instruct you where to safely park on the property or near by.


How far in advance do I need to book the location?

Depending on availability, we are flexible up until 24 – hours of your shoot, pending confirmation of your insurance certificate and details of your shoot.


I am traveling from out of town. Where should I stay?

The city of Palmdale is 15 minutes away with plenty of hotels. Rates start at only $60/night.


Is there any restroom facility near by?

Yes, they are within 3min drive or 10min walking at the brand new Stephen Sorensen Public Park.


Is a location manager mandatory?

Yes, we will provide a manager for the protection of the property and to assist your crew, there is an additional $300 per day for the first 8 hours, after 8 hours is $20 per additional hours fee for this mandatory service, we don't prorate for half day shoot.

Is a fee for scouting LightRow Ranch?

Yes, Is an additional $100 for the first 4 hours, after 4 hours is $20 per additional hours fee


Is there a payment plan?

We require advanced pay of one day to hold your reservation.


Who can I contact if I have questions not answered here?

You can email or call 424-254-9559




For any inquiries, questions or please call: 424.254.9559 or fill out the following form

Thanks for submitting!

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LightRow Ranch, LLC

c/o P.O.Box 15942

Beverly Hills, CA 90209

Tel: 424-254-9559

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